Saturday, May 2, 2009

You've lost my attention if your name doesn't say "drive-thru"

With this stupid "fitness plan" I mistakenly agreed to, I am at a loss for what to eat for lunch while at work. I have never been one to pack a lunch, I just don't have it in me. Really, it would just require me to think ahead and I don't have one conscious thought that runs through my head in the morning so that's clearly out of the picture.

The old Natalie would go to Wendy's two days out of the week. Oh, I miss that Natalie. I really do. Life was so easy. It really came down to the convenience factor. Fast food is just

I have been wishing that something quick, healthy and cheap would come along in a drive-thru form. Is it really that difficult to get healthy food quickly? Yes, I do know about Subway. But let's be honest, I can't have a sandwich without a half a pound of mayonnaise on it. "Yes, Subway worker, I would like some sandwich with that mayonnaise. Thank you for asking."

Anyway, in a modern day miracle my prayers were answered. This was my reaction to the news:
Yes, this was exciting news if it prompted me to take a picture for the sole purpose of my blog - something I haven't done in well over 6 months. So, here is it - a drive-thru sushi restaurant.

Now don't freak out, I had my worries too. Drive-thru sushi? Seriously? Must be horrible. But oh, quite the opposite. It was pretty good. I mean, it was no Takahi Crunchy Ebi Roll, but it was worth the $6 I spent on 8 pieces. And the whole experience took about 5 minutes.

I might make it through this fitness plan after all.

Oh wait. I leave for my cruise tomorrow. Maybe I won't.

And just to leave you for a week with one parting you go. This is what I will be doing for the next week.

Love you all!


Jinny Snow said...

Subway is the only fast food restaurant I have ever voluntarily been to and I love their seafood sandwich with LOTS mayonnaise (and banana pickles).
You are great sticking with your new plan .......even if the cruise throws you a loop. (Bring on the loops!)

Daybreaking Dickersons said...

You are totally going to gain 10 pounds this week. All you can eat 24 hours a day. Fantastic.

Kelsey said...

Nat, you also need to try "Au Naturale" in sugarhouse ( Get a half turkey avacado wrap and sweet potato fries (ahem, I mean bakes). This yummy meal is about 400 cal and delish. Helps w/the french fry cravings. :)

Abi said...

I sure hope you are having such a fun time on your cruise. Have a yummy drink for me!