Thursday, June 18, 2009

Priorities that I can align with

Recently, my roommate Nicole introduced me to something called Crystal Light Energy Mix. She blogged about it here and I can't possibly make a funnier post than she did, so I'll let you read about it there. Nicole and I used to have our rooms right next to each other, which has recently changed and which I will post about shortly. Said post will be known as The Great Bedroom Relocation of 2009. Anyway, neither Nicole or I are "morning" people. I would often hear her alarm go off in the morning and lay there and wonder if I sleep 10 more minutes, will I beat her into the shower?

And then I would realize that maybe I wouldn't shower at all and just put on extra deodorant and perfume and call it a day. My laziness is apparent.

So after Nicole raved about this energy mix she found, I figured I had to try it. Thank you Nicole, but I will not longer be needing assistance in the drink department. Because the day that I tried this little mix, I was wide awake until 3 am. I guess I will have to suffer through my tiredness and try and get more sleep. I'm really thinking I need a good 8 hours of sleep a night to function at a normal level during the day. Just normal. Let's not get that confused with what 10 hours of sleep could do to me. I actually don't even know. I don't remember the last time I got that much sleep.

Anyway, Nicole and I discussed our new plan of getting more sleep and I thought she was on board with our new must-have-at-least-eight-hours-of-sleep plan but apparently, she's thought of a new one. Because when she was asked if she was ready to go back to work after a much anticipated lunch break she replied:

"I need a nap, a massage and a good makeout before I could possibly go back to work".

She's a wise friend, that Nicole. She's got her priorities in the right place. So, maybe 8 hours of sleep isn't the best plan. Maybe all I need is a nap, a massage....and a makeout.


Daybreaking Dickersons said...

Make-outs are totally as good as sleep.

Jinny Snow said...

Have you actually ever tried eight hours at night? You might like it!
Or have you tried curling up under your desk for a nap as Bob used to do (In his former job!)