Monday, June 29, 2009

Some things should be left a mystery. Things like when I need to use the restroom

I just spent the last 4 days telling my family when I needed to poop. So clearly, I have been a little out of it. I was in Lake Powell. By the way, I pronounce Powell as it is spelled. Not "Pal". That is a major annoyance of mine (among many many others) that I just wanted to clear up.

Anyway, I'm not going to blog about "how much fun it was" or "how I totally needed a vacay" - because no one really cares. And really, try as I may, I can't really make any of that interesting enough for you to want to read about.

However, I will post a picture of me in my fabulous big black hat (see below). I bought this in Huntington Beach last month with the sole purpose of looking like a total B when I wear it. I love it. And although you can't see my face, I still thinks it makes me look like an uber B.

Believe it or not, I am still in the middle of The Great Bedroom Relocation of 2009 and will post when I am completely moved and in my "new space".

For now, I am just happy I don't have to tell my dad when he needs to take me to the bathroom.*

*We camp in Lake Powell. Which means if I have some business to take care of, it requires me to be driven to the closest floating toilet. It's totally inconvenient and I dread the day I bring a boyfriend to Lake Powell and he has to hear me say I have to poop.


MandoRama said...

You ARE an uber B. But at least you're not constipated.

Daybreaking Dickersons said...

Yes constipation is much worse. Why can't you just dig a hole like real campers? I don't get it.

Natalie said...

You see, the water tends to rise in Lake Powell. So, if I were to dig a hole, then one day my little business would be floating in the water. That's pretty sick. It's the least I can do to try and clean up that water.

Mar said...

You're right. I don't care about your vacation. Hahahaha

Miranda said...

Nat, I love your response to Double D. I knew there was a left-leaning environmentalist hiding under that big black hat.

You are thisclose to driving a Subaru (with Obama sticker, of course)!