Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Great Bedroom Relocation of 2009

You all know I am lazy, right? It's apparent in pretty much everything I do. Which, isn't much - so that should explain a lot. Almost 3 years ago to the day my old roommate Megan moved out. She had the nice big bedroom downstairs* with the large* closet and big bathroom. I was upstairs with my tiny bedroom, tiny closet and tiny bathroom. I thought about taking her room when she moved, but the thought of moving all my junk was too much for me to handle and so I stayed put. Laziness at it's finest.

This decision was probably one of the worst decisions I ever made. Because remember when I came down with Smallclosetasideous? Well I do. Note to self: Always ALWAYS take a bigger closet. Well, the day has come that the big room* opened up (which in-and-of itself is a whole other story. Thanks Mackenzi for getting engaged and leaving me. I might never forgive you).

Let it be called, The Great Bedroom Relocation of 2009. I had 15 days to move all my stuff....DOWNSTAIRS. I hear your judgment through my computer keys. You say; Really? It took you 15 days to move all your stuff? My answer to that is no. It took me 23.

I took a phased approach, which I have outlined below:

June 13th: Moved clothes on HANGERS down to new closet
June 14th: Moved bed, nightstand & toothbrush/toothpaste
June 16th: Moved dresser and bookshelf
This particular part of the move was sufficiently awkward. Kim & Penel offered their services in helping me move my heavy furniture. Yay for great parents. However, I also had a date this night. I tried to keep my parents away from meeting said date. I was not successful in this attempt to keep them out of my dating life. Date came. Met parents. I'm pretty sure this ultimately is why I am not dating him anymore. Blaming other people for the demise of my dating relationships is key to keeping my self-esteem in the positive.

June: 17 - 23: Moved remaining clothes from closet, shower and 1/2 of bathroom stuff (yes, just half), cleaned room.
July 5th: Moved remaining bathroom stuff.

I had so much unnecessary crap my roommates threatened to call me Pack Rat Nat. That is totally an unacceptable name, so I dejunked and my life is finally in order. Hell, if you are going to give me a nick name, make it something good. You know, something you wouldn't mind screaming over a large crowd. I don't know...something like, HUSSY! I'll get more dates that way.

A few pictures I took in the process:
This pile stayed in the room for a good week before I got off my lazy A and sorted through it.

My new digs:

*Big is relative. I live in a tiny house.


MandoRama said...

You forgot to mention that this basement room is much better suited for illegal/immoral activity. Congrats!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Big fan of the new room. I love carpet, so I would have preferred that room way over the hardwood any day. That sock monkey makes me laugh!

Sammy said...

I hereby name your new bed room "shag" room. Good luck with that. It has been spoken, let it be written.

Penel said...

Nice quilt on the bed!

kristine said...

I love the quilt on the end of your bed... darling! I need to stop by, it's been awhile. Congrats on moving to a "big girls room"

chiggidy said...

Your space is GIANT compared to what I am working with here. I wish I could have your room!!

Ps. It's cute!

Emily C said...

i love the quilt on your bed.

p.s. i'm brooke Bowers friend. and i met you at her wedding :)