Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'll drink this right before church and not feel guilty about it

So, one difficult thing about me being a Mo is my desire/lust/want/hope to drink coffee. In high school, there was a brief stint of time where I was obsessed with those Frappuccino drinks from Starbucks and would pretty much have one every day. SINNER! I hear you yelling at me.

Anyway, fast forward 10 years to adult, working, stressed, tired Natalie. She could really use that coffee. Well actually I would drink it for the delicious taste. I can live without the caffeine. But, I work with all non-Mo's. They all drink the coffee. My jealousy rages on a daily basis. That is, until I found this:

That's right friends, it's called Choffy. Brewed Chocolate. My life just got amazing.* Brewed just like coffee, but instead of ground coffee beans, it is ground coco beans. DELICIOUS. And frankly, an answer to my prayers.

*Direct quote from roommate Nicole when she was told that Choffy would be in our home.


aubrey said...

Gah! I tasted it once at a trade show and thought it was awful! PLEASE tell me your secrets for making it delicious and coffee-like. I too am a coffee-coveting Mo.

Allie said...

I three am a coffee-coveting Mo. I need the caffeine though. But this sounds amazing. Where do we get some?

Amy Buff said...