Monday, July 13, 2009

My form of hate mail

Dear Monday,
Why do you hate me so much? I mean, I really tried to prepare for you this week. I took a shower last night knowing that I would want to sleep in as much as I could to avoid waking up to you. You are never pleasant to wake up to. And today, was no exception.

First, you interrupted a good dream.
Second, you wouldn't let anyone get on the server at work until 10 am
Third, you made your standing meeting last not 20 minutes like usual, but a hour and a half
Fourth, you scheduled back to back meetings all afternoon.

Ok, well, maybe that last one was my responsibility, but because you have been so unpleasant today I am blaming you. If you could, just end now and let me forget about you. Please do not call, text or facebook me. I could really use the separation.

Lots of hate,

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