Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A stock worth investing in

Remember when I went on a business trip and had to purchase an emergency outfit? Well, I do and I didn't particularly like the top I bought. And so I kept the tag on, wore it and then returned it. I hate people who do that.

Anyway, I returned said top and instead of walking out of the store with a $50 credit. Naturally, I walked out with a $10 credit and a new pair of shoes.

I next had to return a top I bought at Anthropologie (I never wore this one). I bought it without trying it on. A cardinal shopping sin. I ALWAYS try clothes on. However I was shopping with other people. This gives me anxiety. Am I holding them up? Are they holding me up? I am done with this store, are they done with this store? The list can go on. Shopping solo is how I role. Anyway I planned to walk out of Anthropologie with a $40 credit. By some unforseen force, I walked out -$158. Um, how did that happen? I'll show you:

And how cute will this go with my new brown flats?

Yes, I do realize I have a problem.

But before I finish this post and have Jinny lecture me that I should be investing my money I need to post a picture of a fabulous new lamp I just bought for my room. It's totally funky and totally NOT ME. However, the second I saw it I was all I HAVE TO HAVE THAT. And being the professional shopper that I am, I only paid $59 for this. Originally $200. Booyah!

Said lamp:

Oh and what would my rebuttal be to Jinny telling me to invest my money? I would be all, "Grandma, I AM investing. I am investing in me. Stock in me is pretty awesome". And she would agree. And then give me money.


Daybreaking Dickersons said...

That is pretty much the cutest outfit ever. If I had some extra money I would totally invest in you being cute.

kristine said...

I bought 3 pairs of shoes at the "sneak peak" of the Nordstrom sale yesterday. I blame the sales girl who told me the shoes I was trying on were already almost sold out. Of course I'm going to buy them if they are THAT HOT of an item! I don't really want to add up the final number... it will give me anxiety.


Do you take credit, debit or cash?

Elizabeth said...

I'm kind of a stalker. I'll admit it. But I'm a friend of Alex's and I love your blog. You crack me up. Where oh where were those shoes purchased?

Natalie said...

All major credit cards accepted, dear Carly!

Elizabeth: the shoes were purchased at Gap of all places. Who knew Gap would have cute shoes! Come back any time ;)

Jinny Snow said...

What are grandmas for? Dancing on car tops? Or lecturing and investing in grand daughters who buy weird lamps? With maybe my money.
PS I love weird.
PS2 I love Natalie.