Thursday, August 27, 2009

This is why I love my parents

Recently I stumbled upon a hilarious blog titled Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook. I will call it OCMPJF for the purpose of this post. OCMPJF is a website where people can send screenshots of ridiculous posts/comments/messages that their parents have "facebooked" and those screenshots will be posted on the blog. Clearly, a brilliant idea.

Luckily for me, I cannot contribute to this blog because my parents think Facebook is a waste of time and have not joined. And I tell them they are right everyday. EVERYDAY. Because OCMPJF said it right when they said, "Family. Can't Facebook with 'em, can't unFriend 'em!"

After wetting myself from laughter from a good 30 minutes spent on this site, I noticed a frequent trend among parents and their posts on Facebook. Many comments are signed with their name, ie: "mom"/"dad". Clearly, no one has told them that a signature is not needed on such communications.

Case in point (from OCMPJF):

Laughing. Very. Hard.

Come to think about it, the signature doesn't stop there. Text messages with signatures are my favorite. Recently, a friend told me of the following text from her own mom, "Your father is teaching me how to text! love, mom." So sweet. So thoughtful. So hilarious.

Kim and Penel are actually pretty savvy and have mastered text messaging quite well. I mean, they do have a son that sent over 15,000 text messages in one month, so they quickly learned if they ever wanted to get a hold of him, they better learn to text.

And that they did. I do get an occasional "love, mom" salutation on my texts. And every time, I smile. Kind of reminds me of when my mom would make my lunches in elementary school and would write notes to me on the napkin. You know, stuff like "Have a great day. Love you, Mom" or "I love you. Mom". At the time I was mortified of such notes. But now, I think I would kind of like it.

I am going to request my mom send me text messages every day with such loving sayings. It will be known as The Sack Lunch Note of the 21st Century.


Penel said...

Your blog makes me and your dad want to join Facebook, just to bug you. After all those years when you kids embarrassed us, it is now payback time. Have a great day, I love you, hugs and kisses, MOM and DAD

kristine said...

(Penel, you are too funny!) Nat, your parents are awesome! I enjoy it even more when my dad calls me, leaves a message, and tells me who is calling, THEN he leaves his phone number. Seriously? Love it. Love you. Love, Kristine.

Danielle said...

My cute Mom does the same thing. I get texts from her all the time ending in "Love, Mom."
My favorite is when my Dad answers his cell phone, "This is Paul." First of all, yes I know who you are, I called you. Second of all, you see that it's me, your daughter, on your caller ID. Why answer so formally then?

Amy said...

OK well how about your husband answering saying "this is whitey" Hello did we just meet? This is Amy your wife calling we sleep in the same bed. When I wake up in the morning do you want me to introduce myself? But that was a hilarious post, I will have to check it out.

WHIT said...

Amy, I don't know you, but your comment totally made my day!!