Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You got red flags? You want to go out?

Yesterday, I was in deep discussion with a friend about a few certain men in our lives. We both shared the same belief that neither her, nor my crush are particularly good for us. But for some reason, we are drawn to these guys that we know don't fit the bill.

And so today, I sent her the following ecard to demonstrate our stupidity when it comes to men:

I told her I am not opposed to an intervention. Sometimes, I even demand it.


Lauren said...

um Nat - why is this like my personal motto most of the time?!!??!

Miranda said...

I will be happy to help stage an intervention with yourself but I will put my foot down if you try to have it filmed for a reality TV show. That's just too much.

Sammy said...

Garbage in, garbage out.

Jinny Snow said...

A friend and I once thought how cool it would be if we could take the best of the men we knew and inject it all into one man.

Do you suppose it is remotely possible that they might feel the same way about us?

(She is still unmarried.)