Monday, October 12, 2009

If only this watch could assure safe driving in the snow

I have been on the hunt for a gold watch for a few years. Yes, years. I'm kind of weird like that. I've had this vision of the perfect watch in my mind, yet never have found it. Go figure.

My coworker Sally also had an obsession with purchasing a gold watch. We bonded over our frustrations of lack of stylish, affordable gold watches. And then on one magical day, she got an email from OC Tanner saying that they were having a 40% Off Watches Sale at their outlet store. Who knew OC Tanner had an outlet store? I did not. And this is why I have friends like Sally -to educate me these important facts.

So we left work in the middle of the day because who can pass up 40% off already marked down prices. Well, and our server and internet was down so we couldn't do any work. The stars were aligning.

And looky what we found:

I look kind of pissed in this picture. That is because I realized I had on a silver necklace and a gold watch.

So pretty. AND a freaking steal.

I have now put myself on a spending freeze until I purchase new tires for my car. My tires are completely bald and I kind of fear for my life every time I get in my car. As lovely and nice as it is to have a new pretty watch, I won't be able to enjoy it if I am in a body cast.


Let the Good Times Roll said...

Nat, you make me laugh! Glad you got yourself a snazzy watch. Hey, thanks for coming to the hospital the other night, sorry it was such a crazy time. You'll have to come by and hangout again soon, now that we are home! Love ya.

Anna said...

Bling bling!
That watch would really compliment my gold teeth.

ok... I don't have gold teeth...but if I did. Stellar.

Mar said...

I think my dad has that watch. But he got his at Sears.

Natalie said...

your dad has some awesome taste in woman's watches.

Annie Get Your Camera said...

Natalie, I'm coming out of hiding (I stalk your blog) to tell you that if I had known about your search I could have told you about the OC Tanner discount store ages ago. My husband works there. I have a vast collection of jewelry from that store. Unfortunately, my husband has not quite picked up on my jewelry style, but he tries!

I'm glad you found what you were looking for! That store has some awesome stuff for dirt cheap!

The Beck Family said...

You had that watch on when we went to lunch. I noticed it's shineyness and thought,how nice that goes with your gold necklace!! ha ha. I really did! Oh, and I have a friend that works at Big O Tire in Ft. Union if you want a possible deal!

Rae said...

That is my watch. Exactly. I definitely didn't get it for 40% off. But I think you have amazing taste. :) And you won't regret picking that one. I get more comments on it than anything else I wear, both by people I know and strangers.

Natalie said...

Agreed. Comments so far have come from the bagger at Albertsons, the photographer at a client's photoshoot and well, about 1/2 the men in my office. Best purchase yet.

So glad you came out of hiding. You've been added to my google reader :)

Luke and Kenz said...

Glad you finally found the gold watch. Love it!!

Amy Buff said...

I'm glad you've discovered the OCTanner retail store... Hello where do you think I'm getting my engagement ring! HOLLA!