Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Excuse me officer, but I think you forgot your pants.

Blog posting has seriously be lacking here at Nat-the-brat. I do apologize. To you my readers, I am very sorry. But never fear, I have an arsenal of posts that will be firing out of this blog so fast you will think that your baby just had a blowout on your computer screen. Sick. I don't know why I said that. Erase that from your memory.

Anyway. Back to this post. So I know the internet is just DYING for another Halloween post. And so, I'll give you one. Well I kind of will, but not totally. I spent my Halloween doing the following:

Breakfast with friends
Pedicure with Brooke
This Is It movie with Brooke
Visited my newest "nephew" Jonathan*
Utah Game
Halloween parties

When at I was at the U game, I was all, "I am SOOOO tired. I have been going all day." And then when I was asked what I did all day and I repeated the above tasks, and then felt completely embarrassed. Really, Natalie? Really? Eating, being pampered and sitting in darkness listening to MJ made you tired? I'm totally screwed for real life. I do realize that.

Anyway, the low part of my Halloween was the parties. I mean, maybe if I had dressed sluttier it would have been more fun. But alas, I am not a slut. Well, at least I don't think so.

I did get my "Border Babe" costume at Blue Boutique (yes, it's debatable. I might be a slut).

However with this costume, I chose to wear pants. You know, like what most normal people do on regular days. But I guess Halloween is not a regular day and people forget their morals, and their pants. Maybe you can tell me, would I have had more fun at parties if I had chosen to exclude the pants from this outfit?

I'm pretty sure the fact that I chose to put on pants this Halloween ensures that no one can call me a slut for at least 90 days. At least.

Hope you all had a fun, and modest, Halloween.

*It's highly likely that by the time I marry, I will be past child bearing years. And so my friend's children are my "nieces and nephews".


Daybreaking Dickersons said...

I think if you went without the pants you wouldn't have gone home alone. So that is up to you to decide if that would be more fun.

Sarah said...

Did you forget that Halloween is the one day a year where you get to dress like a slut and no other girl can say a word? You were much more modest than most of the 12 year olds I saw this Halloween, if that makes you feel better, *frownsmile*

MandoRama said...

I think you look great! How was The Boutique? I've always wanted to go in there . . .

kristine said...

That was Jonathan's first blog shout out! I will remember this forever. How exciting!