Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm proud to say we are related.

My cousin Carly and her family moved to Phoenix years ago. Like, probably 14+ years ago. Even though she lives far far away, she is the one cousin that I am probably the closest to. I think it is mainly because she is hilarious and posts things like this on her blog.

"Within 5 minutes I had a bite and was reeling the first fish of the day in. Once we secured the fish I stood up and yelled to all the other fishermen within earshot "vagina's 1, penis's 0". I attribute much of my success to my boots!"

Anyone that can contribute an achievement to a pair a boots is my kind of girl.

Needless to say, she's pretty cool. She's always trying to get me to move down to Phoenix. Which, is so very tempting once the snow starts falling. Lately, she's taken to texting me about the great weather that they are having. Just the other day I received the following text from her:

"I'm currently laying outside on my nice green grass wearing flip flops and a short sleeved shirt. How's your November treating you?"

which was followed by this picture & text the next day:

"I must retract my previous gloat about the weather. It's been mid 90s this week. Why God, why? Haven't we suffered enough?"

You see, her failure to remember what a beautiful autumn is like is her fatal flaw. Because when I responded back to her with this picture:

all she could say back to me was:


That response. That response right there is the reason I love her. Nothing says family like a profanity sent over text message.


Kim said...

It is good to know that both you and Carly were not texting and taking pictures of your speedometer while driving. As evidenced by the 0 MPH.

Anna said...

Wow, your blog is totally feeling like a baby had a blow out, only through my computer screen!!

good family. The Bradys have nothing on you guys. :)

Penel said...

Does Uncle Jonathon AKA Bishop Smith know about his daughter's profanity and your gleeful acceptance of it?

Jinny Snow said...

60 OR 90? I'll take 90 WITH autumn.

Natalie said...

If I do recall, Mom, you laughed out loud at Carly's text. We can all be scalded by Bishop Smith at our next gathering.

Let the Good Times Roll said...

That's funny... although I would be sad if you moved, I would love if you lived in AZ, then I could come visit you multiple times per year, I LOVE LOVE LOVE AZ and miss it so much. PS - your mom and Jinny's comments made me laugh!