Monday, December 7, 2009

Tickle Fight!!!!!

During the holidays, there are a list of movies that I have to see. Those movies are as follows: Love Actually, The Holiday, Elf, A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life and Christmas Vacation. I've only watched Love Actually and The Holiday so far. I've got to get moving. Plus, I need to get in like 5 more viewings of Love Actually. It's my favorite movie of all time - yet I only allow myself to watch it between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And just a quick disclaimer: Love Actually is NOT a movie you watch with your parents. Love you Mom and Dad :) I'm still a good girl despite the fact that I watch rated R movies.

Anyway, the viewing of Elf was going to be taken care of when Nicole and I hosted an Elf Party last week. Who wouldn't want to come to a party with this as your invitation:

The party was a success despite the fact that we didn't even watch the movie. I think we were so excited about these awesome hats we purchased, we didn't even care.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Brooke said...

K that's awesome!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

LOVE the invite, so cute! Also, speen and I tried to watch Love Actually on tv the other night, it didn't make much sense, maybe cause it was edited? Is the original pretty easy to follow?

P-Cute said...

Now that's great cinema.

Sarah said...

So yeah, I don't think Juno is a show you watch with your parents either. When she said "pork swords" I wanted to die, but then there was the whole clinic secretary condom part and that really made it wonderful. I'm 31 and it makes me uncomfortable to watch movies with my parents.

Jinny Snow said...

Okay to watch "Love Actually" WITHOUT a grandchild?

Natalie said...

Katie - Since I haven't seen the edited version, I am not sure how they had to edit it down. The thing is, all the stories don't really converge in the end. Some do, some don't. So if you were thinking that in the end all the stories would connect somehow, I am sure you were confused.

Jinny - um, sure :) Warning: there is nudity in this movie. And those scenes are pretty awkward. Like the good girl that I am, I fast forward. I mean, I need to keep my innocence somehow right?

The movie is just a bunch of different love stories. Some end up connecting in the end, and some don't. Just giving you a heads up.

T-raz and the H-train said...

Hey Nat, it's Tara. LOVE Love Actually. Do you still die every time she opens the Jonie Mitchell CD because you're hoping maybe this time she gets the necklace? Hope you're doing well!

Natalie said...

Tara! I miss you! Please come to the office and visit. and well, I miss Hank too. So bring him too!

And yes, I cry EVERY time she opens the Jonie Mitchell cd. EVERY TIME.

I also cry when the guy stands outside Kiera Knightly's front door with the signs.

breaks my little heart.

youngfam said...

Love Love Actually, Have you watched the deleted scenes? The boys christmas wish.... the best ever!!!! so funny