Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My taser might ruin your black leather trench coat. I'm just saying.

It's inevitable in any LDS singles church setting there is going to be a guy that creeps all the girls out. Sad, but true. These guys are probably good guys, but there is just something about them that is creepy. It's usually the staring. That creeps girls out more than anything. Just a few weeks ago there was a guy that came to my singles ward that I remember from when I was 18. When I was 18 he had to be in his mid to late 20s. So what, that makes him mid to late 30s now? He should NOT be attending a singles ward for girls ranging from age 18 - 30. It's just wrong.

Anyway, this guy is definitely classified at a creeper. He came to my ward a few weeks ago and to make a really long story stort - he ended up stared at my friends the ENTIRE sacrament meeting. And it wasn't like he was sitting behind them. He was on their same row. And had to LEAN FORWARD to see them. Classic creeper.

He appeared the next week. But this time I noticed he was standing in the back of the chapel. He wasn't sitting down but just scoping the scene looking for a place to sit. He did this for 20 minutes. Sacrament had already started. Yet he stood there staring at people.

Definite creeper mentality. And sadly, it doesn't end with him.

Last night I attended an institute class. Don't know what institute is? Well, it's pretty much more church but in the middle of the week. As I walk in class, there is a man standing in the back of the room. He's wearing a long, black leather trench coat and a black hat. And not a baseball hat. A hat that men wore in the 60s. Like this:

Oh, and he wasn't sexy like Don from Mad Men.

Such a shame.

Anyway, so leather trench coat creeper is just standing in the back of the class as the classroom starts to fill up. At one point a guy turns around and asks leather trench coat creeper, "are you waiting for someone?" and LTCC (leather trench coat creeper) says, "No. I am just seeing where I want to sit."

Seriously, dude?! Seriously? This is why you get labeled a creeper. We all know you are waiting for the super hot girl to walk in and you are going to go sit by her. We all know your M.O. And you know what, it's not appreciated. Plus, you're wearing a trench coat. No good can come of wearing a trench coat.

Case in point, I may or may not be surrounded by creepers. I'll do my best to be nice. I can't promise anything. I mean, I do have a taser now. Don't make me use it.


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Oh Don Draper, you are such a sexy man. Even though you cheat on your wife in pretty much every episode I still love you.

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