Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's keep the children innocent. But only sort of.

When I was a young girl, there were many movies that I watched over and over again. Still to this day I have fond memories of them. The obsession with movies really might have started with my Nutcracker kick as a young child. From the Nutcracker my tastes expanded to movies such as Teen Wolf, Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters, Flashdance, Mannequin and Top Gun. I remember one day my parents taped over the sex scene in Top Gun. You know, to shield us children from the inapprorpriate. Yet for some reason they found no need to stop me from watching Dirty Dancing. A decision I have yet to ask them about.

We'll discuss at family dinner this Sunday.

Anyway, fast forward to 2010. Nicole and I share a Blockbuster Online pass together. Besides our mutual love for trashy reality tv, we have bonded over our love of movies. When she emailed me one day and told me that our queue was low and that I needed to add in movies, I took it upon my self to delve deep into my inner childhood. And what movie did I choose to add:

That's right. Wild Hearts Can't be Broken.

How great is my life right now? And if you haven't ever seen it, I suggest you do. It's awesome.


Daybreaking Dickersons said...

Michael Schoeffling is my favorite. I wish he was still around. Between Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, 16 Candles and Mermaids, he stole my heart... and I still haven't gotten it back.

Brooke said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie . . . those 80s movies were definitely scandalous and I had no idea. Funny how you just miss that stuff when you're a kid

Ryan and Staci said...

I love that movie! I haven't seen it in years, so I think i'll watch it this week.

Tara said...

I LOOOOVE that movie! Good call.

Anonymous said...

i so had a crush on that guy.