Friday, January 8, 2010

Bringing back The Flashback

For those of you who have read Nat the Brat for a long time, you will recall the days that I did Flashback Fridays. These were fine days and I miss them dearly. However, I don't have a scanner and therefore can't scan old pictures. And so, Flashback Fridays died.

It was a sad day.

But today, today is a good day. It's good because my old childhood friend Morgan tagged me in this picture on Facebook:

I should be extremely embarrassed to post this picture of myself. Given, the motto for 2010 is "lots of men" and believe you me, I am not going to get any men if they see what I looked like 12 years ago. But really, what is a good post if I can't make myself look like a fool?

This picture was taken backstage at my first Olympus High Dance Company concert. In 1997 I hadn't quite discovered the hair straightener, an eyebrow waxer or any awareness of how I looked. Seriously, I love this picture so much because it completely captures what I looked like for the whole of my high school life.

I will note that in high school I LOVED button up shirts. I think I wore a button up pretty much every day. I am so glad that for whatever reason I found it necessary to put my button up shirt OVER my dance costume. Classic.

This will more than likely be the last Flashback Friday of 2010. That is, until someone else sends me an old picture of myself that I can mock endlessly.


Christian said...

I'm seriously so excited . . . I used to look forward to Flashback Fridays. Bring them back! (It's Brooke, too lazy to sign out of the hubby's account)

Annie said...

Aw Morgan! And what a great photo. I'll try to round up some dirt, I mean old pictures.

gurrbonzo said...


Bring that look back, girl.

Austin said...

I've got a scanner AND access to an unlimited supply of embarassing pictures (aka the rents house)....but i'm just too lazy, that is unless I need revenge or a quick buck via blackmail.

Nicole said...

you know i have plenty. don't tempt me.