Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The children will learn very valuable things when they spend time with auntie nat

As much as I would love to do an entire post on how fabulous my trip to Mexico was, I'll spare you. Not because I don't love to make people hate me, but because a trip recap post is the last thing I want to do. And, probably the last thing you really want to read.

However, I will transcribe two of my favorite conversations that happened while in Mexico in hopes that this will appease my 10 readers.

Hannah (my niece): Natalie, are you going to get married soon?
Me: I don't know sweetie. I have to find someone to date first.
Hannah: Oh. (seeming very disappointed)
Parker (my nephew): But didn't you have a date with someone the night before we came here?
Me: Yes I did. But that was only one date. I have to go on lots and lots of dates with one person before I can get married.
Parker: Like 100 dates?
Me: Yes, like 100 dates.
Hannah: Wow, that's a lot.
Parker: Good luck with that.

Ok, Parker really didn't say the last line. He's only 5 and hasn't quite mastered such quick wit. I'll do my due diligence as an auntie and teach him how to be a smart ass. He'll love me so much.

And at dinner:

Me: Jinny, how was your day today?
Jinny: Marvelous. I didn't do a damn thing.

Like grandmother, like granddaughter.

k. I guess I can post some pictures.


Jinny Snow said...

Too late to bleep that word?

Natalie said...

Nope. That was the best part of the quote.

theminerfamily said...

Oh so jealous! I always love your jumping pics and your funny descriptions of things! I just got caught up on your blog down to the pic of you and Morgan! Love it! I love the flashback to your clothes and everything, oh those were the days can I say... "c'mon guys don't be so rude..." Hope you are doing well!


Natalie said...

Thanks for commenting! If we can find that video I think our lives would be complete. C'MON GUYS!