Monday, March 1, 2010

My mom can now say she is proud of my choices.

When I was about 13 I started wearing bikinis. I was one of THOSE Mormon girls. You know, the ones that wore immodest swimsuits. Penel was none too pleased. However, she gave up the right to have an opinion on my wardrobe choices when she made me buy my own clothes. She might have immediately regretted that decision, but she didn't show it. Well played, Mom. Well played.

So, since I was 13 I have never owned a modest swimsuit. Just call me a hooker. It's ok. I've been called worse. That's 14 years of immodesty every summer. It's been great. However, the time always come during the summer that I feel like people judge me on my barely there swimsuits. Which is fine because I do know that I should wear items that are more modest. You should all note this moment because it is not often that I admit to wrong doing. March 1st, 2010 will go down in history as the day Natalie said she is wrong.

This does not mean I will burn all my bikinis in some weird cleansing ritual. No way. No how. However, I have decided that there might be times that I need to cover up. So the other night I attended a little open house for some darling swimsuits that are modest AND cute. Who knew?! My childhood neighbor married a darling girl who was sick of not being able to find cute swimsuits that were modest. So, she started making her own. And low and beyond it's turned into a fabulous little business.

And because I couldn't just choose one, I bought two new suits. Pretty cute, huh? All the swimsuits fit perfectly. It is kind of amazing. Now I just need it to be summer.

I'll wear these when I need to look like I always dress modestly. I'll fool everyone.


Miranda said...

Very cute! I am going to check these out for sure. I've always been a bikini girl myself, but these suits are adorable.

Natalie said...

totally check them out. They really are adorable.

Brittney said...

Thanks for the post. You're too nice. It was fun to see you last week!

Amy Buff said...

Haha love it and you! Check out I like their suits, they even have cute one-pieces (GASP). I kind of love the Hallie suit...