Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love for McDonalds spreads across many generations

Last week it was Jinny's birthday. I will not reveal her age. A lady never does. In fact, she told me that instead of getting older, she is getting younger. So I guess I could tell her age. I am thinking she is approximately 35.

She's such a young, hip grandma.

Anyway, so I was wondering what I could get her for her birthday after she declared that she didn't want any presents. And then it came to me. It came to me like a beacon shining in the night.

Jinny LOVES french fries. And chocolate shakes. FROM MCDONALDS. Seriously, it's almost like my mom wasn't adopted because I'm convinced my grandma and I share the same blood.

I'm pretty sure with this present I earned the title as her favorite grandchild. I mean, who wouldn't?


Let the Good Times Roll said...

Hah, hah, hah! Your Ginny is so cute!

Jinny Snow said...

Soaring in a glider over Napa valley is no high compared to having French fries and a chocolate malt
with a talented grand daughter who soars on her own.

Anna said...

would you believe that after i read this post, i got in the car and drove to mcdonalds and ordered a d.coke (because, lets be honest, no one does d.coke like they do)and french fries.

ps-your grandma sounds pretty hip. :)

Steve Clayton said...
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Beth said...
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Steve Clayton said...
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Beth said...

um, do you speak chinese? Happy Birthday Jinny. You are a really smart grand daughter. So funny!

(sorry those deleted comments where me, having some blog issues tonight!)

Anonymous said...

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