Monday, July 12, 2010

This way he won't get me confused with his other girlfriend

Back when Justin first got my number, he didn't know me very well. He got my number at [gasp!] church. Yes, you did just read that right. Think of every lame joke that has been made about LDS singles wards and apply it right there. I'm over it. Whatever.

So, when he got my number he put me in as "Natalie from church". No, I did not know this at the time. Because FOR SURE I wouldn't have let that slide. I would have reminded him of my last name and make him put heart emoticons after my name. Ok, I wouldn't. That totally would have scared him off. Truth be told, I didn't know he put me in his phone as "Natalie from church" until we had been dating about 2 months. I asked him why it was still listed as that and his response was typical. "Um, I just have never changed it."

Typical boy.

So I asked him, "do you know my last name?" He promptly answered correctly and I gave him a kiss for passing the test. First test in a relationship, MUST KNOW GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIENDS LAST NAME. Whew! Glad he passed that one.

So, fast-forward 4 months to this last Friday night. We're at a restaurant waiting for our food and I happen to be playing with Justin's 1990s phone. I can barely figure out how the stupid thing works, but somehow, I manage to make it to his contact list. And low and behold, this is what I see:

Dating 6 months and I am still "Natalie from Church". I told him I was going to change it immediately. But then, I just thought it was funny. And so I kept it.

However, I'll quiz him every once and a while to make sure he remembers my last name.

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The Beck Family said...

I've been married 8 years and Lars still doesn't know how to spell my last name, but he does know it!