Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Figureatively and literally, there were fireworks.

With my birthday being last week, I am still trying to get over the shock of turning 28. I do NOT like that number. I feel really old. And if you are older than me, don't for a second think you can comment and tell me that I am young. Let me complain just for a bit, mmky?!

So yada yada yada, I am not a big birthday person. However, that doesn't mean I didn't have high expectations to what Justin was going to do for me. He had asked me numerous times what I wanted to do for my birthday but all I told him was that he could just surprise me. Little did he know I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. Que evil laugh (mmmwwahhh!!) I wanted him to take me to The Paris Bistro. A darling little french bistro on 15th and 15th that I have been dying to go to. They have this wonderful patio with twinkle lights, lovely white table clothes, small candles on the tables, just everything fancy. It WAS where I was going to spend my 28th birthday. Justin needed to just figure it out.

I concocted this whole plan for my roommate to slyly tell Justin he should take me there. But that opportunity never presented itself. My birthday was getting closer and closer and Justin was not picking up on my telepathy. Blast.

And so, I did what every woman eventually ends up doing. I told him exactly what I wanted. I gave up on my whole Justin-knows-me-so-well-he-will-totally-remember-that-one-time-we-drove-by-the-Paris-and-I-told-him-I-wanted-to-go-there thinking and just told him what I wanted. Man, it was hard. I just wanted him to know what I was thinking. Is that so wrong? Seriously, is it? IS IT??!!

Ok, I am not yelling. I promise.

So, July 21st comes. The blessed day of my birth. My doorbell rings and Justin is standing on my porch smiling. I smile back and then am immediately distracted by what he is holding in his hand. No, it's not flowers. It was this:

My present. Wrapped in Transformers wrapping paper. Apparently, I am a 12 year old boy. When I asked him why Transformers wrapping paper he explained, "it was this or something pink. And I couldn't buy something pink." Noted.

I opened the card and was touched by his cute message and the LOVELY gift certificate for a mani/pedi (yes, he knows me well) that was inside. It was then time to open the Transformers package. And what was inside you might ask?


I do not lie.

Now, before you starting thinking my boyfriend thinks he is dating a 12 year old boy, let me explain. Two weeks earlier I had been complaining that we didn't have fireworks in Bear Lake. And all I wanted was to light off fireworks. Well, I mean someone else light off fireworks but for me to sit in a blanket and watch them. So cute, thoughtful Justin bought me fireworks that we could light off that coming weekend.

Seriously. He's the best.

And then he took me to the Paris.

And then he made out with me.

My birthday pretty much rocked.


Let the Good Times Roll said...

I love it. Very cute. We must meet this Justin soon.


first of all, happy birthday, b, Justin sounds like a keeper and 3,I'll be the first to indulge you and say that, in fact, 28 is old. I'm not gonna lie to you. I can't bear that thought of me turning 26 in a few short weeks. 25 was hard. Maybe I cried a little...ok a lot. But the fact that you can make it to 28 inspires me. Happy birthday.

love your ghetto cousin and her mexican husband from that racist state.

Beth said...

happy birthday! I've missed your posts, you are hilarious. Props to Justin, that is great.

Kim said...

When I read your blog my first thought was TYPICAL WOMAN. You need to learn that men do not pick up on subtle hints.You need to be more specific. Believe me I know from experience, I learned from your mother. Cut Justin some slack.

Jinny Snow said...

Kim is dead right (as he usually is unless it comes to birds mating in flight). Justin is a jewel and a gentle "I would love to ..................(fly to the moon?)" would be much appreciated by him , I think, and put him under a lot less stress.

Amy Buff said...

I love you. In every way, I love you and how you write about your life. Thanks for blogging.

Nicole said...

happy (late) birthday.

also, that guy seems all right.