Monday, August 9, 2010

I told you I would jinx it. Seriously.

You know what sucks?

Posting about how great your birthday was with your boyfriend, and then breaking up with him 2 days later.

Yep. That sucks.

Want to know what makes it a little better?

Having another boy take you to shoot guns to "blow off steam".

I promise, I wasn't pretending to shoot at anyone specific.

When I am able to pick myself up off the ground, I am sure I will have some horrible date stories to blog about. Until then, my faithful readers, you will have to endure posts about how adorable my niece is. Because she is.

For now, I can't eat. However, I believe it is blessing from the break up gods ensuring I will be skinny and hot for the next boy.


Brooke said...

That pic is awesome! I want to go next time:)

The Beck Family said...

Skinny and hot for the next guy? You already are! I've got a single brother and you'd be awesome as a sister in law :)

Beth said...

oh freak! dumb boy. Sorry Natalie. But you still make a breakup post funny.

Anna said...

he is probably gay.

ps-you look good with a gun. :)

Mar said...

Should somebody bash him over the head so he realizes what he had? Give me that gun. I'll take care of him.

Linds Forrest said...

So I comment on here every now and then, I love your blog. I was excited to hear of your boyfriend a few posts back and when I read this all I thought was 'I want to find him and kick him in the balls'. Hope you are doing well. Go make-out with someone, it always helps!

Annie said...

Well Nat, he is obviously a loser. Anyone that wouldn't hold onto you is crazy. I will be honest, I do love the breakup weight loss. It is the only way I can lose weight. hehe. Love ya girl. If you ever need help toilet papering his house let me know. :)

kristine said...

You are the best! I've already planned a great time for you to visit. I will call you with more details and it will kick a**... just like you:). Now go eat something!!

Rachel said...

Ya, that is what Kellen did when he got laid off.