Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's not soup. It's gelato. Please don't drink it. I'm embarrassed.

So this last week I actually let one of my dear dear friends set me up. However, I should have said no when she told me she didn't know him, but that he worked with one of her friends. A friend of a friend of a friend set up only means one thing. Bad news. It's like, "oh my gosh! I have a single friend. You have a single friend. Let's set them up because they are both single."

Note to self (again): These set ups don't work.

And let me say, that this wasn't horrible. But, definitely not a match. First of all, he lives in Ogden. The armpit of Utah. Yes, I am totally judgmental of people who live in Ogden. And I totally don't care. Plus, I don't want to date someone that lives 40 minutes away. Ok, I would maybe consider if the guy was really hot. MAYBE. And then I would just make him drive to my house all the time. That's how it should be anyway.

Whatever. I don't want to date someone from Ogden. End of that discussion.

So as I was saying, the date wasn't horrible. The guy was nice. We just went for ice cream. He suggested Jamba Juice, but I convinced him we should get gelato. His suggestion for Jamba Juice should have been the first red flag. Really? You want to meet at a louder than loud smoothie shop where we are going to have to yell over 10 blenders to have a conversation? Um, no.

Conversation was fine. I ended up feeling like I was interviewing him though because he really only talked when I asked him something. He wouldn't really respond with something that could end up evolving into a discussion. I kind of find humor in these types of dates. Because eventually I like to stop asking questions and let there be an awkward pause. Kind of like, "ok, i'm done. You're turn to try and make conversation".

When I really knew it wasn't going to work between us was when he tried slurping his melted gelato out of his cup. No shit. He really did. And it was awkward.

I heart my life.


Madison Bradshaw said...

hahha.. that is awesome! gotta love those awesome dates!

alisa said...

i heart your life too.

gurrbonzo said...

The title of this post made me snort.

Anna said...

heaven bless you.

Nicole said...

what fun dates you have. :)