Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Peeing on yourself is only adorable if you are a baby. Otherwise, you're just crazy

Last night, I volunteered to babysit Ava so that my sister and Chandler could go be adults for a night. And by be adults I mean go to a movie without a screaming child in sight. And really, my goal in life is to become my nieces favorite, so I have to start early. So naturally, my volunteering was completely selfish.

I'm 100% convinced she loves me almost as much as her parents. And if I keep babysitting, I might even pass them for her favorite person. Ava LOVES to have her diaper changed. Like, loves it. She would be screaming at the top of her lungs, and the second you put her on her changing tables she gives you the biggest smile and does a little giggle. It's adorable.

I've gone a good solid 4 months without changing a dirty diaper of hers. In order for me to be her favorite, I am sure she wouldn't want me to see her mess her pants. She's a lady for goodness sake. But last night, she was overjoyed with herself and the mess she made in her pants. I had no choice was but to change her. Now that I think about it, it was a bonding experience for us.

However, for Ava, it wasn't enough of a bonding experience. For when she messed her pants AGAIN right before I put her down for bed, she gave me a run for my money. So imagine this. Ava's screaming at the top of her 4 month old lungs (which btw, are surprisingly strong) and so I put her down on the changing table and she immediately stops and gives me a big smile. Classic. I then proceed to change her diaper. I turn to grab some baby wipes and look back at Ava and she is now peeing all over the mat. AND, she looks very pleased with herself. She was totally all, "haha, I am so funny. Auntie Nat, clean it up."

She's such a little punk.

And I love her so much more for it.

She's kind of freaking awesome.


Alexis said...

if you think she's freaking awesome you would think the twins are the bomb...you should volunteer to watch them and see :)

Natalie said...

Don't tempt me Alexis. Don't you dare.

Penel said...

You should be glad she only peed on you.

Brittney said...

That's hilarious. There must be something with babies and getting changed because Colt loves lying on his changing table too ... maybe just a good height to see your face? Who knows. But that cracks me up.