Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shoes have feelings too.

I will have you know, that while Christmas shopping this year I only bought myself two presents. And that my friends, was a miracle. Normally I am all, "one present for you, four presents for me". It's been a serious problem in the past. But this year I tried to scale back. Yay for me!

The first present I bought myself is probably my favorite. My friend Megan who works for Hip & Humble, posted this purse on Facebook one day. I just happened to be going into the store that night to do a little shopping. And before I knew what was happening, I had a lovely yellow purse dangling from my arm. Meg informed me that the purse was in high demand ever since the Facebook post. Luckily, I was the one who got to the store first. I bought that sucker within 10 minutes of being in the store.

Merry Christmas to me!

The next present I got for myself was actually not a present for me at first. I bought it for a friend, but while wrapping it I decided I wanted it. So I kept it for myself and went back to the store the next day and purchased an identical piece for my friend. Selfish? Maybe. Smart? Definitely. Will she ever know? Probably not.

Dear Friend-I-purchased-a-gift-for-and-saved-it-for-myself,
Please don't hate me. You look stylish. And so do I.


As for after christmas shopping, I have successfully purchased only one item for myself. And this one I had to go hunting for. Because when they arrived 3 days late and I knew they were sitting on my front porch, I emailed my friend Nicole and told her "my shoes were delivered today. They are sitting out in the cold. I am worried about them."

But when I got home they were safe and sound in their box on my porch. I put them on and they were more fabulous that I could have imagined.

Cheers to new shoes and a lovely purse. I didn't take a picture of the present I kept for myself. That will remain a mystery.

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Madison Bradshaw said...

CUTE shoes girl! ahh love them!