Thursday, February 3, 2011

My day of 3 dates. I'm totally wanted....or something like that.

A couple of weekends ago I subjected myself to one of my singles ward activities that make me kind of embarrassed to be mormon. It was a progressive dinner. The progressive dinner was a night where each person had three dates. One date picked the girl up and brought her to the ward, then everyone switched dates and ate dinner with date #2. Then, everyone switched again and date #3 took you home. So, I just like to tell people I had three dates in one day. it sounds better that way and makes me sound less desperate.

Ok, whatever. It was actually fun. But, I did make each of my dates take pictures with me so I could blog about it. I am kind of bossy that way.

So, Date #1 was Isaish. He was adorable and super funny. But I am pretty sure I ruined it by telling him my old boss told me I should never date a boy that drives a dodge truck and that they are all d-bags. And then 10 minutes later I noticed I was actually in HIS DODGE TRUCK. Shit. I felt awesome.

My date #2 was Andy. He was cute as well. I am pretty sure I ate more than him, which could potentially be a problem. And maybe that is why he didn't get my number. I'll blame it on that. And not on the fact that I made him take 2 pictures because he didn't smile with his teeth in the first picture. I'm not bossy at all.

Date #3 was Matt. Now he's just plain adorable. Lucky for me he was my take home date. I was really happy about this because I don't think I could have handled an awkward doorstep scene. And actually, my way of avoiding that potential awkwardness was to invite him in my house. Which of course he graciously accepted. Maybe he thought I was going to put out. And did I? Guess you'll never know.

I wish I could have crafted this story into something awkward and horrible, but it was actually a pretty fun night.


Let the Good Times Roll said...

Oh Nat! You crack me up, glad it was a fun night. And I concur I think #3 is a cutie, I hope you put out! LOL!

Older (wiser, too) said...

Ya hooooo! Fun is good. Funny is good. Tall is good. Dodge trucks are good.

daisy161019 said...

I can tell you if she put out or not!! Nat don't forget Mr. Nice guy who reads your blog. Shout out to him from me. I didn't get his name so I'll do the No Name guy who came up to tell you he has been reading your blog for over a year. =)

jonathan said...

Umm... Yes, where's my shoutout?!?! Thanks daisy161019!! ;)