Friday, February 18, 2011

Natalie exercises. That's big!

On Sunday, while celebrating my father's birthday, Jinny cornered me and threatened me that if I didn't blog soon, she was going to disown me as a grandchild. She is serious about this blog. Maybe more serious than I am. But, at least I have one loyal fan. So I took this threat very seriously and starting brainstorming things that I could blog about. I thought about posting a video I took of Ava that night, but my phone hates me and won't upload it to YouTube. So that idea is out.

I then thought about blogging about recent date stories. But I haven't gone an any horrible dates that is out of the picture.

And then I realized that I actually have something to blog about. And it's going to shock you. You're going to read this and be all, "what the what??? Did someone or something posses our dear Natalie?" And my friends, something has.

And that pilates.

Yes, you read that right. Pilates. As in a form of EXERCISE!!!!!

I bought a pass for 40 reformer pilates classes. Yes, 40. As in, I will be working out AT LEAST 40 times in the next 8 months (I say 8 months because the pass expires in 8 months). And for all of those that don't realize the severity of this purchase, let me tell you that I think in the past 10 YEARS I have maybe worked out a total of 40 times. So, pretty much this is like a groundbreaking breakthrough in the life of Natalie.

For reals.

And as of Monday of this week, I thought I was going to die. Who knew you could work your inner thigh muscles so much that you physically cannot walk? But shockingly enough, I love it so much. 2011 will now forever go down as the year that I started working out regularly. This is big.


Jes said...

I'm so proud of you. I did two Pilates exercises at home day before yesterday and it hurts to sneeze, laugh, walk, you get it.

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm a long time blog-stalker, first time commenter. Count me as a fan, too! (But not a creepy one who wants to set you up or drive by your house. Honest.)

Natalie said...

Welcome! I love to hear from fellow non-crazy blog stalkers! Thanks so much for commenting.

Older (wiser, too) said...

Right, disinheritance is definitely a possibility. After I googled Pilates to see if it was a Roman emperor, I can see that this is definitely better than an elliptical watching old movies. Good job!
Good date stories (as opposed to horrible) are also acceptable .
Lets hear it from all your fans!

Spencer said...

Nat - speaking of non crazy blog stalkers - one of my best friends in my ward was telling me the other week how funny she thought your blog was! So, keep the stories coming!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Nat - previous comment was by me, not Spence, fyi! ;)

Beth Clayton said...

You are hilarious and so in Ginny aka (Older, wiser too)

The first time I did pilates I was dying. I had no idea there were so many places I could be sore!

Anna said...

yay! a post. :)
your grandmas sound fabulous.

take me with you to pilates. i need something to distract me from putting more brownies in my mouth.

Daybreaking Dickersons said...

I don't think I can even count the times I tried to get you to Pilates. So proud.