Friday, May 6, 2011

Facebook knew before I did. Something is wrong with this picture.

Since having Alex home from his mission, I finally feel like I am not the 7th wheel in my family. Having another single sibling around is always nice. We bond over bad date stories and about how we each think the other sex is stupid. The best part is that we got to take a "singles" picture at our recent family photo shoot. As shown here:

Now, Alex before his mission was quite the playboy. Our family would joke about his typical "dinner and make out" date (Dinner at Pei Wei and back to the parents house to watch Transformers). I kid you not, this was his date. He took so many girls on this same date that my parents stopped introducing themselves to the evolving door of young girls that came through their front door. Alex is a charmer - gotta love him for that.

Alex after his mission has been a little bit more shy. Not sure what happened, but he lost a bit of his dating mojo. I knew he would get it back one day, but I just didn't know when. Well, that day was sometime this week. I talked to him about a week ago about a girl I know he had asked out. He told me that their date had been reschedule and he would see what happened. So you can imagine my surprise then I logged on to Facebook and saw this:

I immediately text him:

ME: Excuse me..."in a relationship"?!?!?!?
ALEX: I was wondering how many times I would have this convo today
ME: Well???
ALEX: Well what?
ME: Who is this chick? And how are you already in a relationship. I don't buy it.
ALEX: Her name is Michelle from my institute class. We have been hanging like nonstop for a week. I was with her when Hailey called, she will attest.

Ok, my brother is adorable. But I about peed my pants when I read the line "hanging like nonstop for a week". Apparently 1 week is all I need.

I wish my brother and his new girlfriend all the best. She better be adorable to date my brother. He's top notch.

Who knows, dear readers, maybe by the next time I post I will have a boyfriend to talk about.

Remember, all I need is one week.

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