Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Blog, I sort of forgot about you.

Dear Readers (if I have any at this point),
I am sorry that I have abandoned this blog. It literally seems like it is the last thing on my mind. Not that I have had anything in particular on my mind, other than the fact that I'm about ready to kick mother nature in the taco if she doesn't learn to give me my summer before June 14th. But that is besides the point.

The fact is, my life is so boring that I can't possibly even think of anything enjoyable to write about. Ok, I take that back. My life has been very enjoyable this last month. I guess I just haven't found anything funny to post about. I like my posts to be funny. Today's post...pretty boring. You can stop reading now if you feel so inclined.

In summary, this is what has happened in the past month....

May 15 - 21: Went on family trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina. Lovely. Awesome. Fabulous week off of work. But let's be honest, nothing really too exciting or funny to write about there. But here is a picture of me doing my favorite activity while in SC.

May 27 - May 31: Went to San Francisco with Katelyn to visit one our dear friend Kristine. Again, it was a wonderful trip. But, totally drama free (which is how I prefer to live my life). Highlight of the trip. finally taking a picture in front of the Full House house. My life is nearly complete.

In the midst of all this the LDS church decided to switch my life around and make me go to a singles ward of the boundaries that I actually live in. THE NERVE! Needless to say, I was quite depressed about this switch. I loved my last ward. But alas, I do believe the "church is true" and therefore will choose to believe this will be for my good, as well as those around me.

However, this does not mean that I didn't once leave my friend a voice mail after church one week stating that we should form our own ward, find a bishop and let President Monson know what we were doing. I'm thinking it wouldn't go over well. But there is always to hope, right?

Anyway, I'm bored with myself so without a doubt so are you. I'll try to go on a bad date one of these days so I have something to blog about.


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Brooke said...

I have several comments: 1. We should get beach cruisers and ride around our neighborhood even though there is no beach 2. You forgot to mention the awesome Full House pic when telling me about your trip, so cool. 3. So glad you finally posted!