Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinterest, you failed me. Almost.

Let's not discuss how long it has been since my last post. But let's discuss how I tried to do something that I found on Pinterest. You know, my new favorite obsession. It makes me want to cook, sew, plan a party, buy a house, decorate a house and get married all in one day.

But, all that seems a little overwhelming, so I started out with something that only would affect me if it went horribly wrong.

I tried to curl my hair with a sock.

Yes, sock.

I first watched this tutorial. Seemed easy enough.

And well, I'll just jump to the end of the story and tell you that it turned out horribly wrong. I didn't take a picture of the aftermath because I was in a hurry to get to work and I had to fix the ginormous, frizzy, disaster that was my hair. BUT, in the process I discovered something amazing. Using the sock makes a PERFECT bun. Like, perfect. And you would never know I have a sock in my hair.

Don't worry dear readers, my next post will be about how my brother-in-law sprung a faux set-up date on me last week. Nothing says family like, "oh, by the way, I invited my single friend to join us. Glad you showered today."

1 comment:

mandorama said...

Oh, the classic sock bun! Looking good, Harris. Also, you know that Pinterest is porn for SAHMs, hence, I refer to it as Pornterest.

Can't wait to hear about the surprise date, m'dear.