Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bally's is Not My Friend

In another sad attempt by me, I have conformed to society and the ever mounting pressure of joining the gym. For the past 5 years or so, I have actually belonged to one gym or another. However, instead of attending the gym, I make my monthly donation and call it good. Maybe going once every 3 months when I am having a fat day.

I joined Bally's almost 2 years ago with my old roommates Katelyn and Lori. It was a sort of family plan that we were under that was month to month. I liked this very much because I knew deep down, when I got sick of making my monthly donations I could cancel at any time. Well, my name was under Katelyn's and so when she moved to DC and cancelled her membership, mine was cancelled as well. I believed that gym gods were telling me that I no longer needed to pay them $20 every month and that I could go on my merry way.

Well, the gym gods and my metabolism gods decided to get together. My metabolism gods (MG) thought that it was about time to slow down. They had worked miraculously well for me for 25 years and decided that it was enough. No longer were they going to let me eat Wendy's at 10 pm or binge on pasta, breads and everything carbohydrates. They have taken strike, thus forcing me to join the gym and actually work off those extra carbs, calories and fat grams I consume. Damn you MG!

Last night I attended a Pilates class. My first that I had ever been to. I find that if I go to classes, I will push myself much harder than I would doing my own thing. But the brilliant machine that Bally's is, decided to implement a new rule starting this week. You must pay extra for Pilates and Yoga classes. WTF??? I already pay you a monthly fee, and now you are going to make me pay more to attend a class? Outrageous I tell you!

Anyway, wish me luck in my desperation to gain control back over my MG. I know I can, I just have to force myself to do it.


The District Girls said...

It could be worse you could be out here making a much costlier monthly donation! I tell you expensive! However, at the local Gold's I don't have to pay extra for my yoga and pilates. Well, I don't actually know since I haven't gone to one of them yet! Good luck with the GGs!!!

Sammy said...

Remember Joyce the spinning instructor? She was awesome because she referred to Texas street as "my girls." I think Joyce is one of the perceptive few that knew I was in charge of you.

Mar said...

It's worth it. Just don't forget to breathe.

gurrbonzo said...

Stay strong, stay focused.

diania said...

If I eat an Almond Joy but then eat a 100 Calorie Pack of Chips Ahoy, am I still being healthy? Coconut and Almonds are good for me right? On my way to pre-pregnancy weight!

Vic and Lindsay said...

I feel you!! I always try to have an excuse not to go!! It is soo hard!