Monday, September 29, 2008

A discussion on dating..

Me: Did you kiss him?
Her: Ew, NO!
Me: Really, you can tell me if you did. I promise not to judge.
Her: I really didn't
Me: Ok, well do you like him?
Her: No!

a 5 second pause

Her: I really wish he was different than he is because we get along really well.


Erica said...

Can I ask why dating has to be so complicated? I just really don't like it. That is my thought for the day.

Natalie said...

This type of conversation is quite typical. Sadly. How lucky are we, Erica?

Sam and Jess said...

Thanks a million for letting me borrow your darling dress. Surprisingly it fits me. I guess that I didn't read your comment very carefully the first time because I truly didn't realize that you had the exact dress I was hoping for. Yay to me for posting a picture.