Thursday, July 16, 2009

According to my shampoo schedule, I can work out 3 times a week

So, my body is physically rejecting the idea of exercise. I threw up on my bike ride yesterday. I didn't fall, but I threw up. I am not sure which is worst. And remember when I did that really stupid thing in the winter and cross-country skied 4.5 miles up Millcreek canyon to the Yurt? Yea, threw up there too. OH and let us not remember that one time I threw up in spin class. I haven't blogged about this because I have tried to suppress that memory. It was like 6 years ago and I somehow managed to run out of the class and throw up in a garbage can in the middle of the gym. AWESOME.

I am 99% sure my body is screaming at me "EXERCISE IS NOT FOR YOU! I know you really want to keep up with your friends and all that physical activity that they do, but I just don't see it in the cards for you. Accept it and move on."

Surprisingly, I'm not ready to accept defeat just yet. Now I just need to plan my workouts around when I wash my hair and I should be good to go.

And if you think I am kidding with that last sentence, you don't know me very well.



How else do you plan a workout schedule? I didn't know there was another way.

Jinny Snow said...

Phooey!. You come from the basketball and football playing zealot family who also golf and swim and water ski. And so on and so on. You danced your way through years of ballet.
But it is funny to hear about it. Try carrying one of those bags they have on airplanes so that every five or six years you will have it when yoou need it,

Mar said...

I'm with you, Nat. I only do cardio on the days I wash my hair because that's when I sweat the most. On non-wash days I lift or do pilates because it's not as sweaty. That's all null and void now that I get to stay home all day. Now I just workout, shower, and let my beauty come naturally. And by "naturally" I mean air-dryed hair, no makeup, and sweatpants. Ah yeah!