Monday, November 23, 2009

The Amazing Date: Part 2

I know you all must be dying of anticipation to hear about the actual date story. Was it good? Was it bad? Did I want to die? Did I wish the night would never end? Well internet friends, I will tell you.

It was probably one of the best set up dates I have ever been on.

Are you shocked?

Well, I was.

This date had the potential to be very VERY awkward. So, needless to say, my expectations were not high. But, my date far exceeded any expectations I could have ever had.

My date was assigned to be taking pictures of the whole event. So, when they called his name, he was out in the hall taking pictures of all the couples. When I went out to meet him he looked at me and winked.

It was right then that I remembered why I didn't want to be a lesbian. Cute boys who wink at me make me weak in the knees. He was the type of guy that is cute, but not the intimidating type of cute. He instantly made me feel comfortable and I respond very well to these type of men. We had an easy banter that I find essential for me being myself on a date.

Our dinner suggestion from the group was "Noodles & Co". But we were too far south to make that really work. I mentioned to him that Italian is one of my favorite types of food, and so he made his way to the closest Italian restaurant. Plus 1: He's a listener.

After dinner we were going to go roller skating, but decided to just go for a drive and chat. Sometime along this drive I said something about how I love Christmas lights. He drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon and when we got to the top he goes, "Dang it, I was hoping they would have their Christmas lights up that we could look at". Cute! Plus 2: He listened again.

I'm kind of shocked at this point. A boy ACTUALLY listening to me and acting on what he is hearing. I didn't know these boys still existed.

He parks the car and I all my fears of d-bags come rushing back to me. Dude, is this guy seriously "parking"? I might die. But instead of jumping over the center console and attacking me, he opened up his sunroof, turned the radio station to fm100 and said, "you can hold my hand whenever you want to". I laughed and held out my hand. And in a flirty banter kind of way he said back, "this is romantic".

After our brief "romantic" star gazing experience, we drove down to La Caille to look at their Christmas lights. We even got out of the car and took a picture. WHICH, wasn't even my idea. What guy voluntarily takes pictures with a set up date? A good one. That's who.

We made our way back to the meeting place for the "after party" and dessert. I thought it was kind of ridiculous that they actually had an after party. I mean, it's that what we were tying to get away from?

But that was the end of the night. My cute date got my number so there could be the possibility of second. Even if he doesn't call me, I will thank him for restoring my faith in men. I know I had fun with him and that is all that I wanted. Well, that and being treated like a lady.

So, there you go. The Amazing Date really lived up to it's name.

However, since I went against my rule and blogged about a date that I actually had fun on, I heretofore set the rule that no one can ask me if my date has called me. I'll tell you if I want to. Plus, if he doesn't call, I don't want to have to tell you he hasn't. That's just sad.


Adam and Ashley Endsley said...

Yeah... I am glad it was fun and the date restored your faith in Men. Although if it works out I will miss your random/crazy dating stories but I will be happy for you.

Natalie said...

I don't blog about good dates because I think I will jinx myself. I'll blog about bad dates ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!

I'm sure there are plenty more of those. Don't lose hope!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Nat, I am so happy for you! Yay for the amazing date. I want to see a picture!!!

MandoRama said...

Hurrah! So, has he called????

Amy Buff said...

Um HOLLA this is fantastic. I really wish I could follow your lead and live life for the blog posts. Live it up. And you probably should tell either way. Think... you either get to be bitter and thus have the opportunity for more hilarious blog posts OR you let us all be in on the reality dating life of Natalie. Just make sure he doesn't know you blog... Love you.

Jinny Snow said...

Not a word from me! (oops, thats five)

Nicole said...

hey nat, has he called?

ah ha, just kidding.

i'm glad it was fun.

Kelsey said...

Sigh! I'm glad that at least you and Marie had awesome nights. But... at least I got some swag out of mine. :)