Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Thanksgiving that will go down in Harris family history

Many, many years ago when I was at the height of my brattyness (I don't even know if that is a word) my family had a Thanksgiving I would never forget. It was one of those cold, wet Thanksgivings when all you want to do is sit inside, eat turkey and take a nap next to the fire.

However, my parents had other plans for their family that year. I am thinking this was probably Thanksgiving day, circa 1996 (give or take a few years). Kim and Penel were redoing their master bathroom and needed some free, easy labor to dig the foundation for their remodel. And who better than the children they birthed to do it?

And so, for many many hours on Thanksgiving day 1996, the Harris family dug the entire foundation for this extension of our home:

I am 100% sure we complained the whole time. "Want to know what I am NOT thankful for? Having to dig this stupid foundation, that's what" I am also 100% sure my parents instated the "no talk" rule. You know, the one that happens when siblings are fighting so much that if you talk you get grounded? Yea, that one.

And now, every Thanksgiving we talk about "that one Thanksgiving" and we give thanks that we don't have to do it again.

I hope you all had a wonderful and lazy Thanksgiving.

I sure did. And it was wonderful.


Kim said...

The brutality of this activity as claimed by the children has been exaggerated over the years, so being the engineer that I am I will disprove this with some simple math.
Total cubic yards of soil removed - 120
# of people working - 6
Cubic yards per shovel full - 0.125
4 shovels full per minute per person (conservative)
Simple story problem, simple answer – 45 minutes
Now assuming breaks and all, which I know were taken, double the time to 1 ½ hours. Not the child abuse that it has been reported.

Natalie said...

You know I have never been good at story problems. They were the vain of my existence when I was in school. And still to this day, your math makes no sense to me.


Penel said...

This was a memorable family activity that all who helped with, enjoyed the fruits of their labor. As I recall, Natalie loved the Jacuzzi tub, the jetted shower and the sit down makeup and hair counter. The family bonds that were created during this project were incredible and eternal in nature. Fond memories of this activity are recounted year after year on Thanksgiving Day, and now posted on a widely read blog. Are we great parents or what??

Jinny Snow said...

Yes, yes and double yes!

Jessie said...

Hey, I'm Kyle Gold's little sister and your blog address was saved on his laptop. I found it one day and started reading. Can I just tell you that it is hilarious and I love it! Just so you don't think I'm a creeper...peace out.

Natalie said...

Jessie! Thanks for commenting! Ya, Kyle did tell me you and your mom are now readers of my blog. I am glad you can be entertained. I'll try and keep it up.