Monday, March 28, 2011

They are magic glasses. That is what they are.

To follow up on this post, I did actually go to Costco and look for glasses. Lucky for me, they had a GREAT selection and I was not forced to buy a ginormous box of Gushers and eat myself silly.

Also, these frames were only $70. I love me a Costco deal!

I feel strangely smarter just by wearing them. AND, I was called a sexy librarian the day I wore them to church. Yes, I might have also been wearing lace and pearls so that might have played a role in the whole "Natalie looks like an old lady" outfit, but a least I got called "sexy". I figure...mission accomplished.


daisy161019 said...

Hottie. I'd tap that!

daisy161019 said...

Hottie. I'd tap that!!

Older (wiser, too) said...

You both have "knock 'em dead" smiles but you and Ava just don't when it comes to photos. Is it in the water? Or the genes? Or maybe the smashed peas?