Monday, December 28, 2009

Nothing says Christmas like The Nutcracker and a taser gun

My new TV is amazing.

All I want to do is stay at home and watch it.

Probably not a good thing if I need to be social and meet people.

Maybe I will just invite people over to watch tv.

That could work.

Anyway, Christmas was fabulous. I pretty much did nothing all day but eat, watch movies and hang with the family. We did get to talk to little brother Alex on his mission. He is doing very well and talking to him made me miss him even more. But, in just 9 short months he will be home and my guilt trip of I-am-the-only-single-one-at-home-don't-you-feel-sorry-for-me is not going to work. I need to really milk that for all it's worth. I'll take it up a notch in 2010. Just you wait.

Santa did not send me a Man on a Shelf like I asked for. BUT, he did remind me that I have a very capable and loving father who helped me set up my TV. Thanks Dad!

Once the TV was set up, I immediately put in the best DVD I got for Christmas. Said DVD was this:

As a young young child, I was OBSESSED with this version of the Nutcracker: So obsessed that I actually had the whole thing memorized. According to my mother, I could be in another room and if I could hear the tv, I could tell you what was going on. Every time I see The Nutcracker on tv, I have to see if it is this very excellent version. Sadly, it never has been. But, who the freak cares now that I have it on DVD.

For all of you Sex & the City lovers out there, check out "the Russian" 30 years ago dancing with the oh so lovely, Gelsey Kirkland. Seriously, I heart this:

And just to top off my Christmas, Jinny did not disappoint when I opened up one of her presents and it was this:

Yep. It's a taser gun. Jinny was so concerned for me after this post, that she bought me a taser gun.

My life is now complete.


Kim said...

You are welcome Nat, it was a tough job. Does this mean that I am invited to come watch your TV in High Def with all of your friends?

Natalie said...

Well of course, Dad. And while you are here I'll have you interrogate the guys. It could really speed the process of me finding a suitable mate.

Annie said...

Wow, Gelsey Kirkland really is amazing. Thanks for that!

WHIT said...

My roommates boyfriend gave all of us a can of mace for Christmas after the whole peeing ordeal! A taser gun would have been WAY cooler, but I'll take what I can get

The Boob Nazi said...

I was totally going, "THE RUSSIAN! THE RUSSIAN!" I might have to watch it sometime.